Our Activities

The scientific dissemination activity of YGA Italy began with the organization of science workshops conducted in primary schools and in private companies in favor of the children of employees in the Turin area.


These workshops combine science education and game by using the TWIN Science kits: these kits are composed of LEGO type modules on which mechanical parts or electronic circuits are assembled. Using TWIN, children can create simple configurations to understand real world mechanisms they might think too complex to be understood easily. TWIN Science is a start-up created within YGA Turkey from which we have drawn inspiration.


These laboratories promote self-growth and self-development in children, encouraging them at making their way to become excellent professionals, entrepreneurs, confident and free investors.


The COVID19 pandemic mined the implementation of science sessions at schools or companies, but it did not stop YGA Italy’s volunteers to engage in their mission! As of April 2020, the volunteers created the YouTube program "One, two, three ... Science!" , live stream videos during which the volunteers propose do-it-yourself experiments to children while explaining the scientific rules standing beyond the outcome of the experiments. In this way, YGA Italy accomplishes its mission by supporting the diffusion of the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). Children also have the opportunity to interact with each other by showing the results of their experiments thanks to the use of the App TWING.


The initiative was born as an idea of ​​entertainment in this particular period during which children are forced to spend a lot of time at home. For this reason YGA Italy has proposed the service on the Italian government platform called Digital Solidarity.