YGA Italy works to imagine and plan a better future. A future populated by young leaders capable of generating hope for tomorrow.


YGA Italy's vision is that of a more sustainable, fair and equal future, populated by conscientious and competent young people, where everyone benefits from the good outcomes of others.


Our mission is to train young volunteers with a problem-solving mindset, aiming at creating conscious and competent people.


YGA Italy was born from the need to inspire, give strength and connect young people from all over the world so that they can take action for their future. All this in an atmosphere of great trust among the volunteers and of great intellectual freedom which favors the sharing of everyone’s ideas.


One of the main tools that YGA Italy uses to foster its mission is to create a cross-cutting interaction between different generations of youth. In fact, while elder generations can educate younger ones to the technical-scientific knowledge they acquired through their work, the little ones can transmit their desire to discover, to poke around and also that little bit of naivety of their childhood. By building this relationship, YGA Italy aims to grow generations of free thinkers and self-confident individuals, owning both social awareness and technical skills.


In this context, science is a key element of our organization since it guarantees:

  • equal technological opportunities;

  • transmission of technical knowledge through games;

  • curiosity and intrinsic motivation.